Wainscoting FAQ

Wainscoting Frequently Asked Questions

For Installation questions, visit our detailed wainscoting Help Section

When and How will my Wainscoting be shipped?
Most of our Wainscoting Kits are Quick Ship Items that will ship out within days of your order. Smaller shipments of 15 kits or less are usually shipped by UPS and larger orders are shipped by transport. Feel free to contact us if you need to know the specifics about your order. Detailed installation instructions are also included. We Ship throughout the U.S.A and Canada!

What is MDF?
MDF is Medium Density Fiberboard, which is composed of sawdust, and a specially formulated resin (glue) mixed together. This product is then compressed in several stages, thus giving a finished product. MDF has become very popular in the trim carpentry, furniture, and kitchen industries. More Details

What is FJ Pine or Poplar?
Finger Joint pine or poplar is lumber that has the knots, raised grain, and defects removed and reassembled into blanks. The blanks are made from joining interlocking smooth, defect-free, lengths of wood together. Our finger-jointed mouldings are sealed, then primed and polished to a smooth finish.

Return_EndOfWall.jpgFinger Joint mouldings offer many advantages over solid wood or even MDF. Compared to solid wood, finger joint mouldings make better use of harvested trees, are more dimensionally stable, and are less likely to warp, cup, or split. Although MDF has a very hard, impact-resistant flat surface, milled chair rails and baseboards are more prone to swelling from moisture and may shear after impact. Finger Joint moulding profiles are sharper than MDF. Many carpenters have a personal preference to nail, cut, glue, and install finger-joint mouldings.

Can we use our existing baseboard?
Our stiles are not meant to fit into or onto any baseboards. All of our wainscoting products require that the existing baseboards be removed and replaced by our base rail moulding. Our wainscoting is made this way so that it will all fit flush. If you would like to add your baseboard to the wainscoting afterward, it will readily accept it, the choice is up to you.

How do you suggest we end wainscoting on walls?
We offer all the trims you need. more.

Can wainscoting or beadboard be installed in a bathroom, I am worried about the moisture?
Our wainscoting is often installed in bathrooms. Our wood products are not Water Proof but rather Water Resistant. To better protect it from moisture, seal the edges with latex caulking and paint the wainscoting with Semi-Gloss paint, preferably an oil base paint. With this done you should not have problems with moisture seeping into the material. If you are looking for waterproof and maintenance-free, consider our PVC wainscoting.

What if I need help measuring or ordering?
We have experts standing by, just call or e-mail us if you need assistance! We will ensure that your paneling is ordered correctly.

How difficult is your wainscot to install? Can I install it myself or should I hire a carpenter?
All of Elite's wainscoting kits are engineered to require a minimum amount of site work during installation. We designed our wainscoting systems with the "DIYer" in mind and to be user-friendly with regard to installation. With that being said, installing your wainscot will require a saw, hammer and nails, etc. Have a closer look at our detailed step-by-step videos in our help section to help you decide if you should install yourself.

Do wood components have to be primed before painting?
Yes, all MDF and wood products, should be primed. All our paint-grade mouldings and cornices are primed in our factory. Stain-grade trims are available only unfinished and un-primed.

wain_faq1.jpgWhat is the difference between Elite's Flat, Beaded, or Raised Panel Wainscoting?
Elite Flat Paneled Wainscoting -- Cottage style or Cape Cod Style as it is normally referred to, can be used for different situations. It can be used purely for its decorative appeal or to cover up dents, cracks, unwanted textures, or even cover damaged walls.

Elite Flat and Beaded Panel Wainscot system installs with a minimum of woodworking tools and experience. See the flat versus the raised panel side by side.

The Flat or Beaded Panel system installs exactly the same way as the Elite Raised Panel System with the exception of NOT having to shape the panels. Below is a cross-sectional view of the flat or beaded panels with the 1/2" X 4" wide stile in the middle. The Elite Raised Panel and the Elite Flat / Beaded Panel Wainscot System use the same stiles, cap, and rails... the ONLY difference is the panels.


The Elite Flat and Beaded Panel System comes with pre-cut 24" x 24"x 1/8" thick panels that slide into the pre-shaped grooves easily. You can cut the flat panel material using a handsaw, jigsaw or a table saw. Not all walls are the same length so we have left extra material on each panel so that you can customize them to suit your needs.

How do I cut angles on the stiles (risers) as required for staircases?
If you are an experienced woodworker, we can supply you with the matching router bit so that you can cut your own angles. We also offer custom-cut pieces if requested. Visit our detailed wainscot help section for how-to videos and more illustrations.

General Wainscoting Installation Tips