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Adding a pergola to the exterior of your home is a fantastic way to enhance its overall look. Pergolas fit right in whether it's a walkway, passageway, or sitting area. Our company provides modern pergolas made of cellular PVC rafters rather than the usual brick, stone, or wood.

The cellular PVC material boasts exceptional durability and weather resistance, requiring little maintenance during the pergola's lifespan. In contrast to traditional pressure-treated wood or cedar, PVC components maintain their appearance for a lifetime. They also don't twist or warp after installation and don't need to be painted. Additionally, the PVC components retain their full strength, ensuring your pergola remains structurally sound.

Fibreglass Pergolas
Literature:  HBG Fiberglass Pergolas Brochure
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Structural fibreglass pergola kits use fibreglass components that are strong, lightweight, and provide a higher level of aesthetic quality than vinyl or wood pergolas.

Our Pergola Kits come in several options; white with Spartan Tails and square or non-tapered round Pultruded fibreglass columns without neck moulding. Optional wind-load/deck plates are available.


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