Installing Outdoor Living Products

Tips On Installing Elite Trimworks Outdoor Living Products

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Installing Elite Free-standing Pergola Kit
(under revision, to be posted shortly)

Spartan%20Wall-support%20Pergola%20Kit%20How%20To.jpg Installing Elite Wall Supported Pergola Kit

If you've decided to order individual components and embark on building your own pergola or arbour,
here are the step-by-step instructions for all Four types of Rafters:

Profiling, Joining and Installing Purlins
Installing Ledger Rafters
Connecting Support Rafters to PostsHow To Connect Free-standing Rafters to Support Rafters

elite%20entry%20arbor%20how2.pngInstalling Elite Entry Arbours
(under revision, to be posted shortly)

window%20arbor_1.jpgInstalling an Eyebrow Trellis

eyebrow%20arbor.jpgInstalling Window | Garage Arbors
(under revision, to be posted shortly)

privacy%20screen_2.pngPrivacy Wall Screen Custom Options


Installing Structural PVC Clad Beams

1641671305433.pngInstalling Free-Standing PVC Rafters to Cladded Beams