Lally Column

Lally Columns and Jack Post Covers

Since basements are no longer used just for storage, today's trend is optimizing the space and creating additional guest rooms or a family friendly space. While lally columns or jack post covers are an effective means to holding up a beam, most homeowners consider them to be an unsightly eye sore when designing plans for their basement living space. Using our basement pole wrap, these cold, immovable obstacles can be transformed into a decorative interior column accent.

Some choose to just frame around the jack posts with drywall which is time consuming and basic in appearance. Others use thin 3 to 4" round pole wraps, but the problem is that they look just like a basement pole wrap, without adding any decorative architectural elements!

Elite Trimworks offers more choices than ever for this makeover dilemma. Having decades of experience as well as tons of happy customers our lally columns/ jack post covers are ideal for any do-it-yourselfer. We offer many different types of interior columns, square, round, recessed panel SPLIT wood columns that are made to wrap around any post out there. With precision we split the shaft, caps and bases into halves to be reassembled around a support for your convenience. Not only are they decorative but they are easy to install using glue or nails, adjustable, and add the perfect finishing touch to any basement pole wrap remodelling project.

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Most jack or lally post are 3" to 4" wide. Any of our Square Columns or our 8" diameter split round wood columns would easily cover your jack posts (Max diameter is 4 1/8" or a circumference of 13"). For a room with an eight feet high ceiling a 8" diameter round or square column is architecturally accurate and what we recommend. Should you chose something smaller, we offer a 6" square post cover which is simply glued together we even include the glue and hardware.  As in the image below, masking tape can be used to hold the side the a column shaft in place until the glue cures. More on Covering Posts in Basements.

lock_miter.JPG      post_cover.jpeg

To determine the diameter of your post, divide the circumference of a circle by pi  (which is 3.14). For example, if a circle has a circumference of 12.56 its diameter is 4, (12.56 / 3.14 = 4) or If a circle has a circumference of 9.42 its diameter is 3, (9.42 / 3.14 = 3) To find the circumference of a circle measure the distance around the outside of the circle with a flexible fabric tape, it could be also called the perimeter.

>Photo Gallery       >FAQ & How to Install   Note: All Column shafts can easily be cut down to size on site.

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