Square Paint-Grade Columns

Square Paint-Grade Wood Columns
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Square columns are more common in modern homes and a great alternative to the round columns. Square columns are hollow therefore they are not load bearing, however they do give the illusion of bearing a great weight. Elite Square Column kits come unassembled and can be installed with or without an existing support post, or an existing wall (depending on the widths) it can also stand alone. Our square paint grade columns are also a great add-on to a wide range of our Wainscoting; they can be incorporated into a room where wainscoting is being installed to complete the look. Elite square columns are a perfect match to our Wall Paneled Wainscoting, Flat Panel Wainscoting or our Raised Panel Wainscoting.

Our Square Paint Grade Columns are made from Stain Grade Hardwood, MDF, Pine or Poplar. Custom sized columns are available buy request, call for pricing. We manufacture three basic types of square, wood, interior columns: Smooth, Fluted and Paneled.

Each Square column is handmade and are manufactured using precision machinery and are sanded thoroughly before they leave the shop. Finishing of the column is made easy due to our stringent quality control process which ensures nothing leaves our plant without first being checked over for damage and proper sizing.

These columns are great for hiding jack post in basements. Contractors like using our pre-cut square columns because they are much faster to assemble than drywall and taping. Wood square columns have a more precise look to them as well. All columns are packed flat and are easy to assemble on site. Our lock miter corners make it a snap to nail, pin or glue together. All Elite Square columns are all pre-packed and ready for same day shipping. The Columns are Unprimed and require a coat of Primer and Paint before or after installation. Note: All Column shafts can easily be cut down to size on site.

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