PVC Mouldings

Cellular PVC Exterior Trims & Mouldings
Extruded, not carved for a smooth finish by either Versatex, Royal or CertainTeed


Elite Trimworks offers a complete line of Extruded and Milled PVC mouldings that feature many popular Architectural Styles and profiles.  Extruded mouldings are more economical to produce but are only offered in a few profiles within North America. They can be painted as long as they are initially primed/sealed appropriately; However, Extruded mouldings DO NOT need to be painted and are ideal for those who prefer a maintenance-free product.

Milled mouldings, on the other hand, should be painted as the cells in the milled material are left open and porous. This type of material will accept paint far better than Extruded PVC and can also be made in infinite shapes and profiles.

If you know how to cut or nail wood moulding, you'll know how to cut, nail, and finish PVC mouldings using standard carpentry tools.

Most moulding profiles are available at 16' lengths. We can cut 16ft lengths in half to 8 feet for ease of UPS shipping if requested.

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