Hardwood Ceiling Beams

Raw, Hollow, Hardwood Ceiling Beams
 easy to afford and easier to install

Hardwood Ceiling Beams are readily available in smooth, unfinished: Red Oak; White Oak; Maple; or Cherry. They look great on smooth drywall or ceilings with Shiplap or Tongue & Groove Planks. They are available with either three or four sides. The four-sided beams are ideal for making exposed ceiling rafters or exposed trusses.

Hardwood beams come with either three or four sides made from lock-mitered panels that make the edge seams invisible, just like our hardwood columns. They can be made at any length and in any size.


Hardwood ceiling beams, with matching hardwood cornices, are a timeless architectural feature. From the ground, these beams are hard to tell apart from smooth-cut solid hardwood beams.

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