Flexible Wainscoting

Trims for Flexible Wainscoting

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Choosing the right wainscoting design for your application has never been easier, with Elite Trimworks offering flexible wainscoting to match the design of the rigid Recessed Wall Panelled Wainscot system.

Once again, Elite Trimworks has you covered with our Flexible Recessed Wall Panelled Wainscot system. Choosing the right wainscot design for your curved walls and staircases has never been easier. If you install wainscoting on your straight walls and want to continue the application on curved walls/staircases, our flexible Recessed Panelled Wainscoting will be your best choice. Made from flexible PVC and flexible polyurethane resin, the recessed flexible trims will match up perfectly with the rigid MDF trims and will curve with your walls. There are limits to the flexibility of the PVC trims. However, most walls have a large enough radius that they will easily curve with the wall.

You can always email us a picture of the wall your would be applying the wainscoting, and we will be able to tell you if the flexible trims will work for your application. If not, we will be more than happy to suggest some suitable alternatives for your project.

The flexible wainscot trims are stocked in our warehouse and are installed the same way the rigid MDF trims are.

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