Wainscoting-Beadboard How To

How To Install Elite Wainscoting & Beadboard Systems

Welcome to the Elite Trimworks Wainscot installation section. Find how to install any of our wainscot kits and get helpful advice on what to order and how much of it to order. Please read through the instructions of the product you are interested in and see if this is the right product for you. We have tried to give you as much information as we possibly can, but if you don't find what you are looking for, or you are stuck and have encountered a problem during the installation simply contact us.

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With no panels, the walls are used as a panel

How To Install Wall Paneled Wainscoting::
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Staircase Installation tips
Samples of Striaght Staircase Installations

Wainscoting on Curved Staircases
Samples of Flexible Wainscot Applications

Recessed Panel on Curved Stairs

Tips on Panel Sizing


For any of our Paneled Systems

How To Install Paneled Wainscoting

Staircase Installation tips

Raised Panel Shaping & resized Tips

Tips on Panel Sizing

Cutting Beaded Panel Tips

Panel Outlet Cutting Guide


For our Beaded & V-groove Wainscoting

How To Install BAYSIDE BeadBoard

Beadboard Staircase Tips

Custom Beadboard Heights

Tips on Painting BeadBoard

Installing Vinyl Beadboard Kits

General Wainscoting and BeadBoard Tips

Paneled Wainscot How To

BeadBoard FAQ

Beadboard Staircase Tips

Around Radiators & Vents

End Wainscot on Walls

Beveling Trims Back

Custom Beadboard Heights

& Layout Possibilities

Painting BeadBoard

Beadboard Beamed Ceiling

How to Install BeadBoard

Wainscoting FAQ

Help Choosing Paneled Wainscot

Outlet Cutting Guide

Window Layouts