How To Connect PVC Support Rafters to Posts

How To Connect PVC Support Rafters to Posts - Using Elite Trimworks Unique Hidden Hardware

Exposed fasteners are a staple in constructing Pergolas and Outdoor Structures, especially complementing the aesthetics of natural or stained wood. Purpose-designed outdoor hardware can even elevate the beauty of wooden structures. However, this approach doesn't quite harmonize with white-painted structures or those crafted from Cellular PVC or Fiberglass. To cater to diverse preferences, we provide a range of concealed fastener solutions, ensuring not only a seamless appearance but also prioritizing joint strength and straightforward installation.

Concealed Fastener Options for Various PVC Pergola Connections
In the conventional approach, a support rafter is typically attached by side mounting it to both sides of the post.

The traditional method involves securing two identical rafters on opposite sides of the post. Care must be taken to drill through both the rafter skin and the structural support at the optimal position. We will clearly indicate or communicate this position. The size of the predrilled holes depends on the screw size, depth, and the corresponding PVC plug, all of which are specified.

Affixing a Wide PVC or Fiberglass Rafter Support Beam to the Top of Posts

Instead of utilizing two rafters on either side of the post, a contemporary approach involves installing a single, broader beam that rests atop the post. This method proves more cost-effective and requires less labor for installation. Both methods are effective, so the choice is purely based on aesthetics. These beams are commonly crafted from dimensional lumber, LVL, or Engineered Beams. Initially, the support beam is mounted on top of the post and later enveloped with PVC. The PVC cladding, delivered in panel sections, is then seamlessly glued together on-site around the wooden beam. Ultimately, only the PVC beam is visible.

Effective methods for splicing extended support rafters seamlessly

Common Galzinized Steet Post Saddle BracketNote:
The Support Rafters are made to carry the weight of the Free Standing Rafters and the Purlins, not intended for climbing onto or any other additional loads.