Frequently Asked Questions

General Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to use my credit card? Is your site secure?
All private information that you send us, including credit card numbers, names, addresses and phone numbers is encrypted using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology. SSL encryption ensures your information can only be read by us or the credit card processor.

What is your privacy policy?
We are committed to protecting the privacy of our customers. All information provided to us will remain strictly confidential. We do not sell trade or rent your personal information to third parties. More...

Do you charge sales tax?
We do not bill for any state taxes.

Do you have any dealers, locations or show rooms within the USA?
At the present time there are no locations or showrooms within the United States; however, we continue to provide excellent service with no complications to the U.S. and Europe. We are always here to answer any questions and can provide the necessary support anywhere in the world. Most of our orders come from the United States and we continue to grow everyday. You'll find great savings with our factory direct pricing and exceptionally low shipping rates. Our website is updated daily, so you may see exactly what is available, when and at what cost.

Do you offer any discounts to contractors or the trade?
You'll find great savings with our factory direct pricing and exceptionally low shipping rates. If you are considering an exceptionally large order, we do offer quantity discounts or wholesale pricing. Contact us for a quote anytime. As far a regular job lots, you will notice that we already offer exceptionally low pricing. Therefore any additional discount we would provide is to those with memberships or distributors looking to purchase our products in bulk for stocking and/or reselling. We thank you in advance for your interest.

Shipping Frequently Asked Questions

When will my order arrive?
Most of our products leave the warehouse within 24 hours or within the time estimated shown within the product description. You'll be notified with a tracking number by email notification as soon as your package leaves. We suggest that you do not schedule installers until your entire shipment arrives. Most orders arrive in 2-5 days but due to factors like weather and traffic, we can't control or guarantee the ETA. If your shipment is coming by UPS, you can even track with your smart phone, download your free mobile application right here!.

What does shipping cost?
Much less then you would expect, have a look.

Will there be any customs charges?
No, we take care of all customs expenses .

How will my order be shipped?
As a condition of our low shipping rates, we reserve the right to choose method of shipping. Larger orders will most likely be shipped LTL (Less than a truck load) on a skid with components as opposed to a stack of boxed packages. Smaller orders will be shipped by UPS/FedEx in boxed packages

Shipping LTL requires that we have the following information before we start:
* The "Bill To" or "Ship To" fields must match to your SSN Number or Tax Identification on the invoice. Any adjustments once shipped will be considered a re-consignment and subject to extra fees.
* Is the shipping address Residential or Business, with a loading Dock?
* These deliveries arrive on a 53' truck. They must have adequate room to maneuver. If you feel your street is too small please let us know.
* The driver will bring your order to the end of the truck for you to off load. Should you require assistance, we need to be notified in advance and extra fees will apply (not all trucking companies offer this service)
* Inspect the shipment once it arrives for any damaged or missing product. Note any discrepancies on the Bill of Lading and contact us.

The following applies when shipping by UPS/FedEx in Small Packages:
* Information in the "Bill To" or "Ship To" fields must be correct as delays and charges are incurred for wrong addresses to redirect the packages.
* At the driver's discretion, your packages will be left at the shipping address; if not, they will make three attempts then notify you where to pick up your packages.
* The driver does not bring the packages inside for you. You will have be able to carry the packages in yourself or have someone there to assist you.
* Inspect your packages once they arrive for any damaged or missing product. If you have any discrepancies please make note of it and call us directly.
* For damages, you will be required to take digital photographs of the outer boxes and product inside. DO NOT REFUSE THE SHIPMENT. If you refuse the shipment you will be held liable for a 20% restocking fee. Note: Do not throw away or discard of any damaged product.

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Cornice Moulding & Trimwork Frequently Asked Questions

Moulding Installation Tips

What is MDF?
MDF is Medium Density Fiberboard, which is composed of sawdust and a specially formulated resin (glue) mixed together. This product is then compressed in several stages, thus giving a finished product. MDF has become very popular in the trim carpentry, furniture, and kitchen industries. More Details

Does the MDF that you use contain formaldehyde and does it qualify for LEEDS credits?
In Detail.....

What is FJ Pine or Poplar?
Finger Joint pine or poplar is lumber that has the knots, raised grain and defects removed and reassembled into planks. Finger jointed products are made from joining interlocking smooth, defect free, short lengths of wood together. By using an edge glue process, boards can be made as wide or as long as required. Finger-jointed mouldings, which are made to our specifications, are first sealed to hide seams, then primed and polished for a smooth finish.
Finger Joint Mouldings, also referred to as FJ Mouldings offer many advantages over solid wood or even MDF. Compared to solid wood, FJ mouldings make better use of harvested trees, are more dimensionally stable, and are less likely to warp, cup, or spilt. Unlike solid wood, FJ mouldings are not suitable for staining but great for painting. Although MDF has a very hard, impact-resistant flat surface, milled chair rails and baseboards are more prone to swelling from moisture and may shear after impact. FJ moulding profiles are sharper than MDF. Many carpenters have a personal preference to nail, cut, glue and install finger-joint mouldings over MDF.

 Do products have to be primed before painting?
Yes, all MDF, plaster and wood products as suggested above, should be primed. This is a task that is already completed when you purchase EliteTrim. More

What is a primed finish?
Primed finish or priming refers to the preparation stage of the mouldings. All MDF products are required to be primed/painted with an industry standard sealer that is referred to as primer. This sealer/primer penetrates and seals the MDF so that the finish coat of paint is applied with ease. Elite Trimworks guarantees that every piece of moulding is primed and ready for a finish coat of paint, an enormous time saver over solid wood trims.

How do you butt up a thick chair rail to a thinner casing?
Some examples

I've seen seams on crown mouldings that have come apart or separated why is that?
There is a common misconception among consumers that wood or MDF mouldings shrink. With our many years of experience, we learned that all MDF mouldings do shrink on a minimal basis. Every 16 feet of moulding shrinks about 1/16", after all it is made from wood which contains moisture. The shrinkage factor is much greater for mouldings that are stored outside in the winter or in humid conditions. If you do buy your mouldings from a lumber yard that stores MDF outside, we recommend that you should acclimatize your trim inside for at least 24 hours. Other installation procedures that prevent gaps....

How does one alleviate the problem of unsightly seams?
At Elite Trimworks, we place a wooden brace on the back of ALL our joints and we use a specifically formulated MDF glue on all corners that forms a high bonding adhesion that virtually eliminates gaps or seams. Also, when cutting crown moulding, we factor in the shrinkage and cut the trim slightly longer before snapping the piece into place. With our tried and true installation procedures, we confidently guarantee that our joints and seams will not separate for a period of one year.

Do you offer flexible mouldings for staircases and arched windows?
Yes, we do and for installations tips, Click Here...

Can you design a custom trim for us?
Yes, if the quantity is sufficient. Just contact our staff for details.

Do you offer pre-made or pre-formed cornice corners?

Our house has rounded or bull nosed corners, how would you install mouldings for us?
We have three examples of how that can be done. It depends entirely on your preference.


I would like to use an electric miter saw. How do I cut cornice mouldings with it?
You must first read, understand, and follow the safety precautions provided by the manufacturer of your saw. As professional carpenters, we recommend that you do not cut cornice mouldings on an angle. For best results, we suggest you use a compound miter saw and that you cut the cornice FLAT on the table. Before you start cutting, find the wall angle and then with the help of a compound miter chart, you will be able to determine the bevel and miter needed.

At what miter and bevel angle shall I cut the crown mouldings?
Depending on the angle that your particular cornice sits on the wall, either 45 or 52 degrees. Use this for 52 degrees and this for 45 degrees

What kind of surfaces can cornice mouldings be installed on?
Moulding can be installed over brick or concrete walls, but require that wooden blocks be first glued in place, adding time and complexity to the job. The most common surfaces are drywall and a stipple or popcorn ceiling. The stucco or stippled ceiling does not need to be shaved or remove prior to installation. Simply dap or apply caulking when done.

Are polyurethane trims easy to install?
Most polyurethane trims are in fact installed by the homeowner. Although they may appear to be easy to install, perception may be misleading. Some manufacturers offer corner and joiner blocks, which are highly recommended. Without the joining blocks, the do it yourselfer must meticulously sand the joints (a mask is recommended for the fine dust resulting). The joiner blocks also hide any shrinkage of material. Even a hairline opening in the trim would be noticeable.

What is polyurethane?
Polyurethane is a foam type product, however it has more structural integrity than the Styrofoam mouldings. Polyurethane is injected into moulds that are then encased, thus allowing the expansion of the foam to occur within the mould. This allows a stronger bonding of the foam.