Cornice | Frieze | Fascia

Polyurethane & PVC Cornice / Frieze Boards / Fascia Trims
Exterior Mouldings with crisp lines and a smooth primed finish


Elite Trimworks presents a comprehensive collection of PVC and polyurethane cornice mouldings and frieze board combinations. Dental strips can be effortlessly added to the frieze boards for those seeking a touch of elegance. Our highly versatile cornices can be custom-cut to serve as door and window crossheads. And if you desire, keystones can be incorporated for an extra touch of sophistication.

Our cornice mouldings and frieze board combinations are the perfect addition to any exterior project, complementing the overall aesthetics with finesse. As with all our products, these profiles are designed to require minimal maintenance and are impervious to moisture, decay, and wrapping, ensuring long-lasting beauty.

Elevate your exterior design with the superior craftsmanship of Elite Trimworks' cornice mouldings and frieze board combinations, where attention to detail and durability come together seamlessly.

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