Door Pediments - PVC

Door Pediments - PVC

Pediments are triangular gables which are usually placed over a portico. The portico consists of a roof supported by columns which decorates the entrance of a building. Pediments are not limited to just porticos they can also be used over doorways or windows, very often accompanied with pilasters on either side.

These pediments are made from Cellular PVC which resembles the look of wood. They don't need to by painted but they readily accept paint. PVC Pediments are made in two components: PVC sheets and PVC crown mouldings. We are able to supply a smooth or wood grain finish on the pediments. Our PVC parts are processed in house and can be customized in any size you like. They are also fully customizable in terms of height, width and projection. Our pediments are made in house and we are able to offer many architectural designs to fit the style of your home.

There are many benefits of using Cellular PVC opposed to polyurethane. PVC is stronger and more impact resistant compared to polyurethane. It has a durable surface that is resistant to scratches and dents. Although, the material can be treated (installed, cut, and glued) like wood, PVC is waterproof, will not rot, and is virtually maintenance free.

New, made to measure PVC Pediments coming soon.

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