Ceiling Beams

Ceiling Beams
Available in Faux Wood, Hardwood, or Polyurethane in a wide variety of sizes, colors, and textures.


beam%20faux%20in%20poly.jpegFaux Beams - Polyurethane
For both interior and exterior use. Wery realistic, easy to install, and they offer excellent value—many sizes, textures, and finishes to choose from.

pre-finsihed%20cherry%20beam.jpegFarmhouse Ceiling Beams
These beams are hard to tell apart from solid hardwood beams. Available in many sizes and can be finished to suit the decor.

hardwood%20ceiling%20beams.jpgHardwood Beams - Unfinished
Made from smooth Oak, Maple, or Cherry complements our Tongue and Groove Planks. They are hollow and come with either three or four sides.


Smooth Beams 
These beams do not require framing or taping of corners. Being made of drywall, they do not show cracks on expansion. Drywall is the ideal beam material for long runs and coffered ceilings.

wide%20grooves%20photo%20copy.jpgWood, Paint Grade Beams 
The MDF panels used to make our wood beams are lock mitered, just like our wood columns. They can be made at any length and in any size. Being hollow, they are lightweight, easy to install, and ideal for making exposed wood trusses.

hewn%20beam_1.jpgHand Hewn Faux Beams 
Our hand-hewn beams are hollow and are available in either three or four sides. Being hollow, they cost much less than solid hardwood wood beams. Hollow beams are also much lighter and ideal for making exposed wood trusses—new products are coming soon.

exposed%20rafter%20cherry%20beams_1.png Wood Trusses
Any beam can be used to make exposed truss assemblies. Although it's not practical to cut and pre-assemble beams off-site, we have experts that can help you with your design and by pre-cutting some of the parts before shipping. Many design possibilities are possible.