Polyurethane Faux Beams

Polyurethane Faux Wood Beams

Our polyurethane faux beams will add a warm and rustic look to your interior or exterior project at an affordable cost. The faux beams are just as dramatic and realistic looking as real wood beams but are an inexpensive alternative when trying to add a unique element to your home.


The polyurethane beams are available in a variety of sizes, each with a distinct texture. The beams give the look of distressed natural lumber, fake never looked so real.

The faux beams are made from high-density rigid polyurethane, making them lightweight, easy to cut, and easy to install compared to the heaviness of real wood beams. The faux beams will not warp or rot like real wood would, making them maintenance-free. Should you decide to install the beams outside, a clear coat of UV-reflecting urethane would need to be applied to prevent any fading of the finished stain.


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