Folded Drywall Beams
Simpler, Faster, Complete a Coffered Ceiling in a Day Instead of a Week

Drywall beams are made from ½" thick drywall that is V-Grooved and folded. Folded drywall beams are a time saving alternative to the traditional method of framing, taping, mudding and sanding before painting beams.

Folded drywall beams have no edges, corners, or joints that require taping or sanding, saving countless hours of finishing time. Another advantage of folding and grooving beams by machine is that the corners turn out perfectly straight. Unlike wood beams, there is no visible seams on the ends where the beams meet, you simply tape sand and paint the ends the way you would a typical drywall seam. Drywall beams are not likely to show any cracks on joints compared to wood beams because they expand and contract at the same rate as the walls around them.

All these cost and time saving advantages make our drywall beams an ideal material for long runs. Combining cornice mouldings saves on finishing time and makes stunning coffered ceilings.

Our folded drywall beams form a solid structure that does NOT require framing, saving both time and material.

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