Tips on Cutting Panels

Before starting the installation of your new Raised Panel Wainscot system, you should remove all electrical and central vac outlet covers. Turn off the power to the plug before you begin. When laying the room out, make sure the outlets either land inside the panel, avoiding the routered edge or inside the 4" stile.


Take the panel and hold it above the plug. Using the plug as a guide, take your pencil and mark the width of the jack on the panel.


Next, you should hold the panel next to the plug and mark the height of the plug.


Using a square, extend the lines on the back of the panel to get the outline of the plughole that you will cut out.



Drill a hole big enough to fit a saw blade or a Jig Saw blade into in order to cut out the hole


This is the result on both sides, front and back.



You now insert the panel just as you did with the other normal panels and pull the wires through


Install an extender to the existing electrical box in order that the wires do not touch the wood. Check your local electrical code book for rules in your area. Attach the cover back to the plug and you're all done.