How to Install Our Wainscoting Around Windows and Doors


Tips on How to Trim Around Windows and Doors


This is the easier way, which for many people looks better. This method is excellent when casings are thicker than 1/2". If not, simply bevel back the wainscoting parts to equal the thickness of your existing trim. Or you can replace your door and window trim.

(A) Illustrates a standard stile that has been cut in half at 90 degrees.

(B) Shows one-half of the stile up against the door and window casing.

(C) Unlike the sample above, the stile does not have to go directly center of the window sill. Take into consideration the distance that you would like for the entire room. Remember, unlike typical paneling systems, Elite Wall Paneled Wainscoting allows you to make as wide a panel as you need.

(D) The top of the Top Rail will likely need to be beveled back to meet with the door


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The major difference with this method is that you will require a few more components and time to trim around the window (c). Stock items can be used. Most of our customers are hobby carpenters who prefer this look. Builders and contractors are time conscious and prefer the first method.