More Design Options with Free Shipping!

Jun 28, 2022

When it comes to column wraps, there are so many great options. Some of our most popular choices are the non-tapered smooth columns. They are a simple but classic look that suits nearly every home. 

Due to popular demand from customers, influencers and designers alike, we’ve expanded the line! You’ve seen the columns that have a one-foot extension on top, creating a 9ft column with a simple astragal connection. We presently offer a 9ft column with the extension, and now we have added a 10ft one too! The 8ft column with a 2ft extension is surprisingly popular and increasing in demand. 

We’ve also created a new look that has a telescopic base on the column. It also acts as an extension, allowing you to have a new look without sacrificing in cost! 

What do we mean by that? Having the option to create these looks by using an 8ft column and a 1-2ft extension on either the top or the bottom allows for easier (and cheaper) shipping than a 10ft column would. This is because anything longer than 8ft would need to be shipped by transport truck, as opposed to being able to be shipped by something smaller such as UPS. 

Even better, the current shipping special is that for columns 8ft and under, shipping is free! 

The new options that we have are not only cost-effective for you, our customers, but you gain the ability to have a unique look with a classic design. A way to create and showcase your home so that it truly reflects you, and isn’t that what it’s all about?