PVC Wraps and More!

May 16, 2022

Featured Product!

This month's featured product is PVC wraps! PVC wraps are a fantastic addition and super easy to install for the average joe. There are many different styles to the PVC wraps enabling you to find one that suits you perfectly. Find them all on our site here.

Product updates

The upgrade for a column cap and base has been replaced with PVC Square Georgian Capital & Astragal Set 

Two new items have been added online:
Brick Panel in White and Brick Panel in Black 

The descriptions have been updated for the Smooth, Hardwood Ceiling Beam

The pricing has been updated for our Adjustable Urn Pediment 85"/ 105" and Gable Post V300

This month's Design Idea coincides with the Picture of the Month!

Flexible wainscoting is a fantastic way for getting the look you want without sacrificing it around the curves of your home. 

Joke of the Month

You know those buildings in ancient Greece with all those pillars?

I think they column pavilions.