PVC Garden Arbour

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PVC Garden Arbour can provide privacy, shade and sophistication to your landscaping entrance.  Many landscape architects use this type of structure to direct traffic and separate garden areas.  Being made from a combination of PVC and Fiberglass, our arbours are made to last a lifetime with very low maintenance.

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Elite PVC Garden Arbour

This package comes with two 10" PVC Pergola Rafters, at either 10ft or 12ft total rafter length. The 10ft selection will come with a quantity of 8 x 26" long PVC Purlins, and the 12ft selection will come with a quantity of 10 x 26" long PVC Purlins. The rafters and purlins should be equally spaced apart, but ultimately up to the customers project specifications. 

When selecting columns to go with the Rafter Assembly, you can choose either the 10" Round Smooth Tapered FRP Column or the 10" Square Smooth Elite PVC Columns Wrap. Both columns are eight feet high and will come complete with a Tuscan Capital and Base, as shown in the drawings.

Should you choose alternative columns, simply order the Rafter Assembly on its own, and order the columns separately.  The round columns are to slip on top the 4x4 or 6x6 posts which are not included in the package.  Square Columns  would Wrap around the post.

You can choose to create a custom design with any Rafter, Column, and Purlin your project requires.  Contact us for a quote.

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    10 ft. Rafter Assembly only, 12 ft. Rafter Assembly only, 10 ft complete with 2 Round Columns, 12 ft complete with 2 Round Columns, 10 ft complete with 2 Square Columns, 12 ft complete with 2 Square Columns
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    Axis Step, Napa, Spartan, Craftsman
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