Transport Notification

Transport Notification

Your Transport Shipment has left our facility

Good Day,

Thank you for your recent purchase order with us. We suggest that you take a moment to review our delivery procedure.

Please be advised that your order has been completed and it has left our dock today: ___________________ with our preferred Carrier: _______________________________,your tracking number is: __________________ . You can expect delivery approximately __________ days, should there be no unforeseeable delays. Driver will contact you directly 24 hours prior to delivery to make arrangement with you.

Please confirm that we have the following questions answered and on file, if not, please contact us immediately, to comply with carrier and government policy:  

Tax Identification Number or SSN that matches either the Consignee/ Ship To or Third Party (Buyer) on file for order being shipped (Cross Border Requirement Only).  

Confirm the shipping address is correct.  Any adjustments to the address once the order is shipped will be considered a re-consignment and you will be billed for the extra fees.

Will the truck be delivering to a Residential or Commercial address with a dock available? There is a faster delivery time and it is more cost-efficient to ship to a Commercial address.  Most Carrier deliveries arrive on a 53' truck and they must have adequate room to maneuver.

The driver will bring your shipment to the end of the truck for you to offload, he does not unload it for you. You must have people and/or a forklift to unload. If driver assistance is required to unload, a "tailgate" fee may apply, contact us if unsure. If waiting or unloading requires more than one hour, you may be billed extra.

Please inspect your order on arrival for damaged or missing items. Note any discrepancies on the driver’s Bill of Lading and call us immediately. If damaged or missing items are not noted on the driver’s Bill of Lading, you may not be eligible for a refund and/or credit.

Please Note:

Threshold delivery is an additional service where the driver assists in brining the freight to the front/back door or a specific entrance.
For the driver to offload the freight from the truck, a TAILGATE will be required. The tailgate is not included in the Threshold service. A tailgate service must be checked off separately.
The threshold and tailgate services are in most cases tied to one another. So if Threshold service is required, a tailgate service is also needed to initiate the threshold service.

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