Harmonious Pairing: Tapered FRP Columns, Capitals, and Bases

Aug 23, 2023

At Elite Trimworks, our relentless commitment revolves around delivering unparalleled products and services tailored to our customers. We want to introduce our exquisite new selection of FRP columns, accompanied by our meticulously crafted Capitals and Bases, all poised to elevate your project to new heights of sophistication! 

Discover our exclusive range of FRP columns designed to enhance the look of your space. Our collection of FRP columns features a variety of options from Round Tapered FRP Columns to Square, Tapered, FRP Columns along with Fluted, Round Tapered FRP Columns.

Enhance our FRP Columns by pairing them with our latest additions: the exquisite FRP Capitals and Bases. Choose from an array of captivating choices including the Tuscan, Round Capital and Base set, Roman Corinthean Capital, Scamozzi Capital, Temple of The Wind Capital, Tuscan Base and an Attic Base. Elevate your architectural vision with our unparalleled selection.


  10-6-60, Square, Tapered, FRP Column                                                          8", Round, Tapered, FRP Column