Installation Tips Painting PVC

Painting Certainteed PVC Sheets or Trims
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Our Warranty is based on following the Installation and Painting Guidelines of Certainteed (the PVC Manufacturer) When painting PVC with dark colours, with an LRV rating of 55 or higher, heat reflective paint is required. In most cases, the paint manufacture covers the warranty when applied as directed.

CertaTrim comes in natural white and does not require painting for protection. If you want to paint it a custom color, follow these important guidelines:

• As with any surface to be painted, the trim must be clean and dry and free of chalk, grease, oil, dirt, or mould and mildew. To ensure good adhesion to the surface, scuff sand CertaTrim before you paint.

• To scuff sand CertaTrim trim, use 100–120 grit sandpaper or a Norton Abrasive Sponge.

•Verify that the coating manufacturer requires or approves of applying primer prior to paint application. Applying primer may reduce the drying time of the topcoat.

• For the highest quality finished appearance, use an airless sprayer to apply paint to all CertaTrim products. You can also use either a roller or a brush, but a roller produces a more consistent appearance. Surfaces may be rolled then brushed to speed application, but avoid leaving some areas brushed with other areas rolled as it will affect the finished quality.

• Ambient temperature, humidity, and other location-related factors can affect the drying times of coatings applied to PVC millwork. Discuss these factors with your paint distributor when choosing coating products. Good planning for job site conditions will lead to great results.

• Apply a 100% acrylic latex paint with an LRV (light reflective value) of 55 or higher. Generally, the higher the LRV, the lighter the color.

• For paint colors with an LRV of 55 or lower, you MUST use a paint that has been specifically developed for application on PVC. Using paint with an LRV below 55 allows the product to absorb excessive heat, which may cause PVC millwork to bow, buckle or deform. Sherwin-Williams® manufactures a line of VinylSafeTM Technology paints that are available in their SuperPaint® andDuration® lines.

• Always follow the paint manufacturer’s recommendations for the use and application of the paint.

• Due to the extended cure times of paint applied to PVC cellular trim, we recommend installing CertaTrim first and then painting it, unless the trim is painted in a professional prefinishing operation and allowed to cure completely. Sherwin-Williams provides color-match paints for PVC trim and CertainTeed vinyl siding (for details, see document CTS359, Siding & Trim VinylSafe Paint Color Guide). CertainTeed is not liable for paint used on CertaTrim and/or the results of its use.

Want to print these instructions? Download a PDF version here.