Dress Up Your Walls and Ceilings with Dramatic Beadboard Panels or Planks!
Wikipedia Beadboard Definition

Beadboard Planks

beadboard wallsTo a building construction worker, the definition of beadboard might be a type of panel insulation that is created from fibreglass, rock or plastic foam. It is used in internal and external foundation wall construction. These rigid panels are cut to fit into wall cavities and are successfully used to insulate walls. Panels come in many different shapes and sizes. The thickness of the panel used will depend on the type of construction job and whether it’s going to be used internally or externally. However, to the basic retail consumer who is most often going to be looking for paneling for decorative use, it is a type of paneling that has a distinctive and recognizable look to it, which is described as row upon row of identical planks. Between each plank is a small indentation or ridge, that is referred to as a bead. Today, large sheets of connected planks are mass-produced for easy installation. Consumers have found that it is easy to order beadboard planks like the ones that Elite Trimworks has available on their website in order to save money and having the material delivered saves a lot of time and money, as well.

Beadboard Panels

beadboard panels Depending upon your specific project design needs, there are many different varieties of planks to choose from that are made up of different materials, sizes and shapes. Elite Trimworks carries all of the most common types, including medium-density fiberboard (MDF) and hardwood. In addition, there are planks made out of vinyl for interior use and polyvinyl chloride, more commonly known as PVC, for exterior use. Tongue and groove planks are also available, made either of MDF or of pine. Elite Trimworks has recently introduced a line of beadboard planks that are eight inches wide in width, with three beads per plank. Whatever your project needs, Elite Trimworks has the plank type you will need to get the job done.

Wainscoting, constructed from tongue-and-groove boards, is highly decorative, adds elegance to a room and is very distinctive. Wainscoting is traditionally found on walls set below a chair rail, though it can be installed on stairways, ceilings and more. Wainscoting is a type of decorative panel with a repeating pattern that contains a top rail, bottom rail and two side pieces within a frame. The two side pieces are referred to as stiles. Beadboard wainscoting is highly coveted for its rich designs, which can appeal to many different types of homeowners, from people who like the cottage-like atmosphere it provides to people who crave a traditional stately décor within their home.

Full sheet panels are relatively new but it makes installing the woodwork panels much easier and faster than the traditional way of using separate planks. Manufacturers can now create multiple panels on one large sheet, which, if panelling a large area, reduces the need for extensive amounts of caulking, time on installation and costs. It also cuts down on the number of cracks caused by normal expansion and contraction that can happen with traditional wood usage. Panel sheets come in either finished or raw material and the sizes and thicknesses can vary, as well as the type of bead or groove. Regardless of your preference, Elite Trimworks can work with you to figure out exactly what you need.

If you are contemplating installing a beadboard ceiling in your home, look no further than Elite Trimworks for all the necessary planks and trim for this project. This look is often used in tropical homes and cottages. While some living room ceiling installations can appear very formal, it is actually most often requested for kitchen ceilings, which adds a cozy effect to the kitchen. A beadboard ceiling adds dimension and interest to a ceiling that you do not get with a flat ceiling. It is also good for sunrooms and conservatories.

Beadboard Ceiling

beadboard ceiling A typical ceiling installation is more complicated than a simple backsplash, staircase or wall covering. It will involve wainscoting, wood beams and either crown moldings or shoe moldings to complete the picture. A ceiling can be done using planks or sheets, depending on the size of your room. Elite Trimworks offers two options on their website for beadboard ceilings, choosing the right one is entirely dependent on the size of your room and the size of the squares in the wainscoting you would like. Choose between sheets that offer you the most versatility. The beams, which can be any height or width, hide the joints on the sheets or planks. The extra detail work involves finishing off the edges where the beams meet the paneling by using crown moldings or quarter round.

Another popular beadboard installation location is the bathroom. A beadboard bathroom can improve the look and feel of one of the most cherished rooms in a house. One reason that it is very popular is that it works very well on both walls and ceiling, opening up the room with its light and airy feel. To complete a beadboard bathroom, you need a durable wall covering made up of either wood or vinyl, either type can be painted in any color. Vinyl may be easier to keep clean. Pre-painted panels are also available for purchase.

Beadboard Bathroom

beadboard bathroom Remodelling ideas for the kitchen include adding a beadboard backsplash, refinishing older cabinets or even installing a beadboard kitchen island. This type of decorating has been around as an interior design choice for over one hundred years. Why does it endure? It endures because of the way it can completely change the look of the room by adding great depth and classic detail to an area that may not have had anything highlighting it previously. If you are thinking about redoing a backsplash, a beadboard backsplash can be installed right over a plain wall or tile. It provides a sophisticated, yet casual look to the area. You can buy primed white vinyl or wood in order to paint, or if you have stained cabinets, it is available in unfinished wood grain. A beadboard kitchen island is not difficult to create using panels or even adding wainscoting.

Adding this type of upgrade to your home will bring you enjoyment and add great value. Please contact Elite Trimworks for any questions on ordering.

Vinyl Beadboard

vinyl beadboard Interior beadboard paneling differs from the exterior equivalent. Both variants are made from some formulations of vinyl or PVC. Aside from the obvious that exterior beadboard tends to be thicker and stronger for impact resistance, the exterior products have UV inhibitors added to resist oxidation. Interior beadboard products do not require UV protection.

Beadboard Cabinets and Beadboard Walls

Beadboard can be installed on the entire wall and cabinetry. The distinctive lines running the length of each narrow panel gives cottage or Cape Cod-style homes and furniture effect. Generally, Beadboard is installed vertically but can also be installed horizontally for a different look. Beadboard provides a sturdy wall or ceiling surface and adds some insulation to a wall.