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Dress Up Your Plain Wood Posts

Are you ready to transform your front porch? If so, look no further, our PVC column wraps are the perfect solution to dress up your plain wood/steel posts. These stylish square columns add an element of luxury to a simple wood or steel post. Our PVC column wraps, made out of premium “Free Rise” cellular PVC, come in a wide variety of styles.

Some styles include Tapered & Non-Tapered, Smooth, Recessed, Fluted and Shaker. Photographed below is just one of many.

 8” Recessed PVC Column

Not only do our columns come in a variety of styles, but they also come in a variety of heights ranging from 4ft to 12ft. Our PVC columns can be modified on-site to achieve the exact height required. PVC column wraps are lightweight, long-lasting, and if desired paintable.  They hold up to warping, shrinkage, decay, and insects. 


8″ Smooth PVC Column

When you purchase a PVC column wrap from us we include all of the necessary hardware, mounting cleats, PVC adhesive, and even the Tapcon screws needed for an easy installation. 

Please note, our PVC columns are not load-bearing. If you require load-bearing columns, please check out our Pultruded Non-Tapered Fiberglass Columns or our PermaCast Columns made by HB&G.

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