Tile and Wainscoting a Lovely Combination

When we think of our wainscoting, of course we have endless ideas of possibilities we can see it used for, but it is such a refreshing breath of fresh air when we see this from our clients and receive their project pictures.  Kimberly used our Flat Panel Wainacoting system, that can be seen here:  https://www.elitetrimworks.com/Flat-paneled-wainscoting-kit.html

This system intigrates our individual trim prices to create a contemporary flat panel complete wainscoting system.  Clear definative lines with a cap trim adding a little old world finish into an executive style.  This system goes fabulous with any decor, it is a clear winner, coming second most chosen to our Recessed Panel Waincoting kits.  Worry not; however, if you are a shaker lover, we also have this kit, without panels just like our recessed kit, for those whose walls are still usable!  Check out the product page for this system here: https://www.elitetrimworks.com/Shaker-Wainscoting/

But lets get back to this project.  We cant get enough of the tile design between the upper rail and cap teim, the thoughtfulness to include something detailed to tie the look of the washroom right into the wainscoting is perfectly done.  The design, functionality and products used here all compliment each other while not blending into one another, rather created strong lines, multitude of finishes and textures to modernize this bath into an clean, functional and stunning oasis.  Congratulations on a project well done!