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Installing Column Wraps in Cold Weather

When it comes to installing column wraps, there’s one thing to keep in mind: the weather. It seems like such a small thing to consider, but the truth is, it’s easier to install column wraps in warmer weather. That’s not to say it’s impossible to do in cooler weather, but generally, we suggest that the temperature is at least 5 degrees celsius to ensure the glue properly sets. 

However, should you decide to install it during the colder weather, your best option is to mainly assemble it indoors and then use a heat gun on the last seam when installing it outside. 

PVC becomes brittle in the cold; therefore, it is important to keep them safely stored until you are ready to install them, whether that means attempting it in cooler weather or waiting until it is warm. 

It is also important to ensure you use the right tools for the job! Because of how PVC becomes brittle in the cold, you need to be careful to ensure that if you are installing it in cooler weather, you do not hit the face of the column with a hammer during installation. Luckily, the right tools to use to install column wraps are the same tools you would use for wood. 

In short, while it is best to install PVC Column Wraps in warmer weather (anything above 5 degrees celsius) to ensure the proper setting of the glue, it is not impossible to install them in cooler weather. You simply have to be more careful and take a few extra steps. The decision, as always, is yours. 

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