The Secrets of Column Wraps

The best thing about column wraps is that when they are fully installed, they don’t look like they’re covering anything up. Column wraps are used to hide the usually unsightly support posts in homes. While only available in square, they can be adjusted to suit the design of your home.

You can choose between having it tapered or non-tapered, fluted or non-fluted and even whether you want it with a pedestal or if you want it panelled. They also come in a variety of heights, including extra tall. Some of these are shown in the pictures below.
Tapered column wraps:

Non-Tapered column wraps:


Custom column wraps:


Panelled column wraps:


The most common question we get is “how it is shipped?”

Each column wrap gets shipped in four pieces – the four sides of each square wrap. It comes with everything needed to install it yourself including PVC glue.


A column wrap is recommended when trying to cover a steel post because it is cheaper than getting a Permacast column and splitting it. All of the information on the column wraps that we provide can be found here.