Raised Panelled Wainscoting

Raised panelled wainscoting is a classic look that originates from Victorian times. The wood panels worked to protect the walls and soon became a sign of wealth due to the expense of the materials needed to create it. The style took off and remains immensely popular even today.

Raised Panelled Wainscoting

The raised panels in this style of wainscoting create shadows that draw the eye to the details in it. It is perfect for those who want to maintain that simple, elegant look in any room of their home. The raised panelled wainscoting is available in both paint grade and stain grade wood. It is easily customizable to your needs.

Hardwood Raised Panelled Wainscoting

We have kits available to make the installation of this wainscoting easy for those who want to do it themselves. The kits made for stairs in particular are simplified to easily match the regular kits so that the change from a straight wall to the angle of the stairs is seamless.


We also have full wall kits available, made up of three tiers that cover the entire wall. This is perfect for creating accent walls that add dimension to any room. These are available in both 5ft and 8ft lengths.

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Each standard kit comes with everything you need to cover an 8-foot wall. This includes stiles, a top rail, a bottom rail plus the pre-milled raised panels. For more information, contact us here.


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