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Tips on Fixing Dents in Cellular PVC

It’s an unfortunate truth that sometimes the material you order arrives at your doorstep with a few bumps from the journey along the way. It can certainly be discouraging to see the marks and dents from you or your contractor handling the product. However, did you know that there’s an easy way to fix these dents on PVC? 

When it comes to dents or scratches on PVC columns or PVC boards, the easiest method to fix them is to use a standard iron on low heat. Weird, right? But it works. 

PVC trim board that is dented and scratched

We tested this out ourselves, denting PVC by hitting it against corners and scratching it with a dull edge, before heating up an iron on low heat and running it over the marked PVC. The heat causes a slight expansion, forcing it back into its original form. It’s a super neat trick. 

A clean slate! No more scratches or dents!

Another common issue is dents on the edges of PVC Column Wraps. Luckily, that’s another easy fix that does not take as long as some people might think. All you need is some Platinum Patch and some sandpaper. 

PVC Column Wrap Panels…with dents from handling

Once you have glued your column wrap boards in place and the glue is dried, fill in any gaps with the Platinum patch. It doesn’t have to be completely neat because once it dries, you use the sandpaper to sand it down gently, getting it to the shape of the column. It’s super easy to do and took us about 10 minutes in the pictures shown, not including drying time. 

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