This week we’re going to look at the different styles of beadboard. Here at Elite Trimworks, we strive to make installation as easy as possible. Due to this, we’ve come up with installation kits in different styles of beadboard.

The first style and kit we’ll look at is the Elite Bayside.

The Bayside style is made with a wider baseboard and top rail. This allows the beadboard planks to slip into the baseboard easily. The planks also are created with wide beads, enhancing the look of the beadboard by providing deeper detail into the planks.

The next style is the Vertical Shiplap.


The vertical shiplap is made with deeper beads and a top cap instead of a rail. It is a very popular style as it is similar to the styles used in beach homes. Much like the Bayside, the Vertical Shiplap is available in kits that are ready for you and easy to install.

The next style is the Vinyl Beadboard.


The Vinyl PVC is particularly useful for those rooms where more moisture is likely to build up, such as the front entryway of a home or the bathroom. It is known for being water-resistant, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. While it can be paintable, it doesn’t need to be – available in either a white or cappuccino finish.

The final style is the Beaded Panel Wainscoting.


This style is most similar to traditional wainscoting. However, instead of flat panels, it uses beaded panels. It was inspired by Key West architecture and is simple enough to install. What’s great about this style though is that it provides the best of both worlds from beadboard and wainscoting without becoming overwhelming.

Check out all of these kits over at our website and as always, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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