Slatted Wainscoting – Rise in Popularity

One of the current styles of wainscoting that continues to grow in popularity is Slatted wainscoting. Often made with wood slats that are placed on a wall, this look can also be created using sheeted goods of the slatted style. 

This style is used most frequently when creating an accent wall and gives a more modern and contemporary look to a room. 

One of the benefits of slatted walls is that it helps with the acoustics of a room, absorbing the sounds so that the noise of a room is not overwhelming. This is why one of the most frequent places you can encounter slatted wainscoting is in restaurants and bars. 

Materials like MDF, PVC, or Veneered Wood are more affordable, as it is far less expensive to finish than the Solid Hardwood alternative.

White slatted wainscoting installed on a white wall. Photo by Tara Goyal

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