Interior Trimwork,  Shiplap

Let’s Talk Interior Nickle Gap/Shiplap

It’s becoming increasingly popular to use planks to create a look that is similar to beadboard. It produces a design that is entrenched in the coastal cottage trend. The cottage style is fairly common and usually uses beadboard in order to obtain the look. However, in more recent years, shiplap planks have been used to create horizontal lines that not only draw interest to the room but provide a way of visually increasing the space of a room.

There are different styles of planks available to create this look, including beaded planks and nickel gap planks.

Shiplap/beadboard planks are generally created with MDF for interior use. However, MDF is not an ideal choice when it comes to areas that retain moisture, such as bathrooms, mudrooms or laundry rooms. Exposure to moisture can cause the wood-based material to warp or even mould. In those cases, it is best to use a vinyl or PVC application.

PVC planks provide the same look as shiplap but with far more benefits! Not only is PVC moisture resistant, but it is durable, easy to install and is unlike to warp or bend with time. It can also resist oxidization so that the colouring won’t change with time.

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