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The Beauty of Ceiling Beams

One of the more popular design styles that we see more and more of are the use of ceiling beams. These additions are a simple yet classic design we can see through the ages, ranging from the exposed functional beams in farmhouses to the stylized precise designs we see today. 

The most common styles we see when it comes to using ceiling beams are modern, lowered and fishbone. 

The Modern design uses beams to highlight the look of the ceiling, using full beams if the room size allows. There is also an easy way to create the look of a lower-height ceiling by using smaller beams. We see this design often created with faux or hardwood beams that are used to help highlight the contrast between them and with drywall and paint-grade wood beams. Coffered ceilings are an exceedingly popular modern design that uses drywall or paint-grade wood panels alongside crown moulding to create a design that is unique to you.  

The Lowered design gives the look of a lowered ceiling created only by the use of beams. This breaks up the space if the room of the ceiling is high and you want to create the illusion that there is more dimension to it. Using faux beams or hardwood beams not only helps highlight the contrast between the wood and the room but helps allow for a variation on exactly how you want it done. 

The Fishbone design is a simple design that is meant to resemble a fish’s bones, with the long beam going across the ceiling and others reaching from it to the sides of the room. It helps create a look that lengthens a room. The best choice for these designs is faux wood or hardwood beams because the wood’s contrast is what truly helps create an elongated sophisticated look. 

The most important part when it comes to creating any of these designs is choosing the right kind of ceiling beam. We have a wide variety of beams at Elite Trimworks, and we hope this short explanation will help you decide which ones are the best for your project. Of course, we’re always available to help by phone, email or live chat on our website. 

Faux beams are a great choice because not only do they provide the look of naturally distressed wood, but they are also cheaper than hardwood. The faux beams are made from high-density rigid polyurethane, making them lightweight, durable and easier to install. Because of the material they’re made of, not only are they perfect for the interior, but they are also able to be installed outside without warping or rotting. 

Hardwood beams, as their name implies, are made from Hardwood Veneered Panels. They are made from lock-mitered panels with invisible seams, and you can choose whether you prefer 3 or 4 sides in the beams and what style of wood it is. Options include Red Oak; White Oak; Maple; or Cherry. Hardwood beams are perfect when it comes to creating that rustic look of exposed rafters and/or matching other hardwood features in the room. 

Our Smooth beams are made with folded drywall and are grooved by machinery, allowing for perfectly straight results. They work seamlessly well with crown moulding and therefore are a fantastic choice when it comes to creating coffered ceilings. They also don’t require framing, making installing them easy and affordable. 

 In comparison, the paint-grade wood beams are made from raw MDF panels. They work and look similar to the drywall beams, being lightweight and easy to install. They help create that classic farmhouse look and are paired perfectly with a beaded ceiling. 

All in all, ceiling beams continue to span across the ages to be an architectural design choice that inspires people. Whether trying to replicate the cozy feeling of a farmhouse,  the open air of a tropical home or a sophisticated yet rustic ambiance, it’s an easy way to make your home that exact way that comforts you.