Recessed Panelled Wainscoting

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Wainscoting is a decorative wall treatment that stemmed from the original practical use to protect the wall. Currently it provides a classic look to a home and is adaptable to the many desires of home renovation design. There are currently five different styles of wainscoting available at Elite Trimworks, however we’ll talk about the first style which is the recessed panelled wainscoting.


The recessed panelled wainscoting is the most popular style at Elite Trimworks. It uses the existing wall as the panels for the wainscoting. By doing this, it allows for simple installation and let’s us provide it for a low cost.
Recessed panelled wainscoting also looks great on stairways. The use of the wall on stairs makes it easier to install yourself than any of the other styles of wainscoting.


It is easy to customize the height of the wainscoting which allows for higher vertical sections or even using it as an accent wall.


Since both the wall and wainscoting is used, in order to create a smooth, flawless look both the wall and the wainscoting is painted. This provides a clean and elegant look to any home.