Beadboard,  Ceilings

Beadboard Ceilings

Beadboard is one of the many decorative styles that can be used on a wall, similar to wainscoting. Going back to the late 1800s, beadboard has been popular through the years, particularly in rural or coastal areas. The current trend with beadboard, also seen as tongue and groove planks or shiplap, is using it on the ceiling.


Using tongue and groove planks on the ceiling has many benefits, particularly in style, though it depends on a person’s preference. The use of shiplap brings in the feeling of the country, since it is often seen throughout history in rural areas. By using it on the ceiling, the length of the beads can elongate a room, giving it the look of being larger.


There are many ways to install beadboard ceilings, depending on your preference. First, you have to decide on the style of beadboard you want, choosing between MDF, vinyl, hardwood or PVC.


These choices all take into consideration the location of where you want your beadboard and the style you’re looking for. After that, when it comes to installing the beadboard on the ceiling, the decision between using planks or sheets of beadboard has to be made. We recommend using planks because it is easier to install, regardless of whether it is done by yourself or a contractor.

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