Elite RAISED Panel Wainscoting Kit

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Elevate your interior with Elite Raised Panel Wainscoting. Discover the essence of classic design. Various options are available in the world of raised panel wainscoting, but Elite distinguishes itself by offering a unique feature that sets it apart: customizability. To truly appreciate the significance of this feature, let's delve into the forgotten secret behind exceptional wainscot installations.

Wainscoting's aesthetic appeal hinges on achieving uniform panel width on your walls. While this may sound straightforward, there's a challenge: walls come in different lengths. This is where other wainscoting manufacturers often take shortcuts by using standard-width panels for most of the wall, leaving partial panels to fill the gaps at each end. However, Elite is committed to upholding the highest standards of aesthetics.

Our raised panels come with pre-milled bevelled edges on all sides, although you'll need to trim one edge of each panel to achieve consistent panel width across your wall. Restoring the bevelled edge is crucial; this is where our customizable design truly shines.

All our raised panels are expertly milled in-house using a standard Freud 99-519 Router Bit– the same bit you'll need to recreate panel profiles after custom trimming. You can purchase the bit from us or from any Big Box Store; the choice is yours. This open-source design approach simplifies the process to the point where any carpenter or skilled homeowner can achieve the custom wainscoting that used to be the exclusive domain of specialists. Each Elite Raised Panel Kit includes all the essentials for an 8-foot wall: stiles, top rail, bottom rail, and pre-milled raised panels.

So, why is raised panel wainscoting the most time-honoured and esteemed choice among all wainscoting options? The answer is simple: its sheer beauty. Who can resist the captivating interplay of light and shadow created by delicately shaped panels?  With Elite Raised Panel Kits, you enjoy these stunning visual effects and the opportunity to tailor panel width perfectly to your room. If authentic raised panel wainscoting is your desire, why settle for anything less?

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Note: This kit is suitable for an overall wainscot height of between 37" and 42". Over 37" high can be accomplished with the Wainscot Base Extension Kit. We also offer a Stair Kit to simplify wainscoting your home.

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The Elite RAISED Panel Wainscoting Kit comes in a Paint Grade and is 37" high by 8ft long, making it a suitable height for rooms with 8ft or 9ft ceilings. It can accommodate an overall wainscot height between 37" and 42", and if a height over 37" is required, the Wainscot Base Extension Kit can be used. A Stair Kit is also available to make installing wainscoting on a slope easier.

The kit includes all the necessary components to cover 8 linear feet of wall, including a Tall Poplar Cap, a Reversible Wainscot Upper Rail, an X-Lower Rail, a PVC Modern Shoe Trim, Five 24" Standard X-Stiles, and Four 24" x 24" Raised Panels that are 1/2" thick and shaped.

All components are packaged safely for quick shipping. The rails and stiles are made from Primed MDF, while the panels are made from unprimed MDF. The Cap Trim is made from Primed FJ Poplar, and the Shoe Trim is made from PVC for better impact and moisture resistance.

The kit's panels are generously oversized, making them suitable for any room. Cutting the panels on-site eliminates the risk of errors and delays in reordering, ensuring a perfect fit. The panels can be shaped and primed on-site to suit any layout, but a Freud 99-519 Router Bit is required for this purpose.

Please note that the actual length of the kit is 95", and the maximum length that can be shipped is 95" for parcel shipping purposes.

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