Tips on Laying Out Panels

Tips on How To Layout Panels
For All Elite Paneled Wainscoting Systems

You have probably already done a considerable amount of research in choosing the right wainscoting for your home renovation project.

 Most manufacturers have pre-made wainscoting that comes in panels which don't allow for symmetrical panels in different sized walls. Up until now if someone wanted that "traditional" look, they have to order flat stock and hire a custom carpenter for weeks at a time. All of our paneled wainscoting systems save a considerable amount time and expense related to this type of look. With the Elite Paneled Wainscot System, any reasonably skilled carpenter or do it yourselfer can finish a room in one day.

One of the most desirable features of any of the Elite Paneled Wainscoting systems is that the panels can be customize to any width on site.

There is no set panel width, is some cases, you will have to decide between using 4 panels 12