Exterior Columns,  Tips and Tricks

Craftsman Style Tapered Columns

Elite Trimworks strives to add beauty and functionality to your home with high-quality exterior ornaments. One of the ways to upgrade the aesthetic of any covered porch is to wrap any structural post in our easy to install PVC Column Wrap Kits. These kits come in several panel designs such as shaker, recessed panel, or fluted. In addition to these kits, Elite Trimworks is proud to offer a PVC Tapered Craftsman Column kit – which instantly transforms your home’s elegance by adding charming exterior columns.

Although PVC offers no load-bearing qualities, when installed on a pedestal with a structural support post, tapered columns amplify the enchanting characteristics of your home. 


Before installing Tapered Columns, there are some important factors to take into consideration. 

1. Never cut from the top of the column shaft, if you do, the shaft diameter will get bigger and the precut capital will not fit. Do cut from the bottom as needed. The shaft diameter gets smaller when the bottom is cut shorter. the base can easily be cut down to match. 

2. Measure the height of where the column is to be installed. Reduce this measurement by 1/2″ and cut it to size. Seeing as how the sides of the shaft are sloped, you may require a plum line to predetermine where to cut the panels. Alternatively, you may cut the shaft after the “U” shape has been glued together. 

in progress look at installing craftsman style column wrap

3. Before measuring for the cleats, using the book tape method, tape three panels together to form a “U”. Make sure that the lock miter edges or 90’s are square and line up with each other. 

4. Use the U-shaped shaft as a template to mark where the bottom wood cleats are to be fastened, marking the inside measurements. 

5. Install the cleats for the bottom of the Column, fasten using Tapcon Screws, staples, pins, and/or adhesive Pressure Treated Lumber cleats(not included), contact with concrete is acceptable. 6. Install the cleats for the top of the Column, fasten using screws, staples, pins, and/or adhesive PVC or Pressure Treated Lumber cleats(not included).

Overall, the process of installation is not a complicated one. It starts with you reaching out to us, working with you to find the ways to obtain the look you desire and then booking the installation. At the end, you have something beautiful that you can be proud to show off. All it takes is an email to [email protected] to start it off.

installed column wraps on porch

At the age of 33, Lydia has traveled across Canada and parts of the world. She has worked for Elite Trimworks in the administration and marketing section for over 6 years. She enjoys writing and works with children when not at Elite. She currently lives in Toronto with her dog.