Exterior Trimwork

PVC Sheets – Installation

We do receive requests for the installation of our products. It is often for wainscoting or columns, but sometimes we get requests like this one for John: exterior PVC sheets. The overall size of this project was 20′ x 14′.

The underside was done with PVC blind nail plank. 1/2″ PVC sheets were used for the Facia and soffit and our 5″ plus PVC crown.  

We also created a border in the ceiling to accommodate the 12ft planks we stock.

Overall, the process of installation is not a complicated one. It starts with you reaching out to us, working with you to find the ways to obtain the look you desire, and then booking the installation. In the end, you have something beautiful that you can be proud to show off. All it takes is a call or email to start it off.

At the age of 33, Lydia has traveled across Canada and parts of the world. She has worked for Elite Trimworks in the administration and marketing section for over 6 years. She enjoys writing and works with children when not at Elite. She currently lives in Toronto with her dog.