Exterior Trimwork,  Flexible Moulding

The Different Types of Exterior Trim

A lot of exterior trim goes unnoticed by the general public. Mainly because it’s so seamless and is on nearly every home in some form. They act as architectural products that can highlight and improve the look of your home, helping you create the style that you want.

There are many things that are considered to be exterior trim. In this, we’ll take a look at each category and explain a little about it. Most of our exterior products are created with polyurethane and PVC, which allows them to withstand the elements better than wood would.

Cornice | Frieze Boards are used generally above doors and windows. A simple trim that can get more details with the use of dentil trim added to it. These are generally used to frame areas of the home such as doors, windows and even porches. They can be as simple or as decorative as you want.

Gable Louvers are used as a decorative or working vent. They allow for air circulation in areas such as an attic during extreme weather events. This can help regulate the temperatures of your home.

Gable Brackets are an architectural design that is meant to draw the eye to the home. It provides extra detail and can help create a look of uniformity while also allowing a home to stand out.

Round Window Surrounds are flexible trim that goes around circular windows. They also are used to decorate the arches of the roof that covered the area above the windows.

Door & Window Pediments are decorative millwork that is placed over doors and windows. They can be simple or detailed, curved or pointed. The choice is yours.

Pilasters give the look of columns without the full design of them. They are often placed against walls and can be used to frame doors.

Wall Brackets are used as decoration and can add the finishing touch to the look of your home. They also come in larger sizes to cover all possibilities.

Shutters have been proved to be used throughout history as a way not only to protect homes from the elements but also from intruders.

Victorian Trims are trim that is meant to match the classic Victorian style of homes. It helps create a historic look that is quite popular.

Pergolas Systems not only add a decorative element but also help create an area that is relatively protected from the elements. While not as shady as a gazebo, they offer a wide range of what you can do with them and how you can style them.

Weathervanes are used to measure the direction that the wind blows and while often used as decoration, are still in use to this day, especially at weather stations.

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