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Cambridge Brick Wall Panel made with 1" thick Polyurethane that looks ultra-real but is more cost-effective.  Another modern wainscoting variation makes an impressive accent wall, and it is even easier to install than mouldings for wainscoting.  Cambridge Brick panels replicate the appearance of classic red brick walls while offering installation convenience. Made from lightweight polyurethane foam, these panels are designed for effortless installation and maintenance.

Ideal for the interior or exterior of homes and condos.  Easy to install and lasts a lifetime.  They readily accept paint should you decide to paint them.

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Cambridge Brick Wall Panel made with ½" thick Polyurethane, approximately 11" x 47 ¼" x 1" interlocking panels.  Lightweight and easy to install, using construction adhesive and brad nails to hold panels in place until the glue cures.  Use "DAP" or any painter's caulking to fill in seams, then brush over with a damp rag. Easier to clean than traditional moulding.

Manufactured through a molding process, these panels feature a textured surface akin to real bricks to suit any aesthetic preference. Widely utilized in residential and commercial construction, they excel in both interior and exterior applications.

Their benefits over traditional brickwork are quicker installation, reduced costs, and enhanced insulation. Moreover, their versatility shines through in various design schemes, from contemporary to rustic, and they harmonize seamlessly with other materials like wood or metal, elevating visual appeal.

In summary, ultra-real brick panels present a compelling alternative to conventional brickwork, offering a blend of practical advantages and design flexibility that cater to diverse construction needs.

Imperial: 11"H x 47.25"L x 7/8"D   Metric: 28 cm x 120 cm x 2.2 cm
Coverage: 3.2 SF/0.29 m2
Panel Weight: 2.4 lbs/1.07 kg

Protective Coatings: To enhance durability and aesthetic appeal, various protective coatings that can mimic textures like wood, stone, and concrete are applied to the brick panels. These coatings also provide additional resistance against weather elements and UV rays.

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      0.85 lbs
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