Pre-Finished Wainscoting

Made from Antimicrobial Polyester Coating.

The same wainscoting that restaurants and institutions use for wall protection is now available in easy to install kits.

Although many people and interior designers love to decorate with stain grade wood wainscoting, aside from the higher cost, institutions like restaurants, nursing homes, and medical facilities find it does not stand up to harsh cleaning agents, nor in high traffic areas. Our Pre-finished wainscoting is used as both an attractive design element and practical, easy to clean, wall protection. These pre-cut kits cost about the same as unfinished oak and are quick ship items for us.


Although the use of Polyester Laminate in kitchens components is nothing new, allowing architects the flexibility to have pre-sized wainscot kits, from any Tafisa colour, is revolutionary. Whether you are an architect, handy person, a contractor or you've hired a carpenter to install our product for you, our pre-sized and pre-finished kits save money and time on the job site and come with detailed installation instructions. If you need any help, simply contact us, our helpful staff is always available to give you a hand.

We have increased the polyester resin by 60%, and it now allows for better impact and scratch resistance. 

After binding the polyester and MDF together using our non-reactive PUR glue, a permanent and thermally fused bond is created between the surfaces of the MDF and laminate. A cross linked bond between the PUR glue and the MDF's fibers is created by running the glue across the surface and forming the polyester at very high temperatures. Once cured, the glue will no longer be reactive, even under extreme heat. For better impact and scratch resistance when applying the finished product, the backer has been thickened from the standard wrap grade backer of 5 mil paper-back.

Polyester laminate is a paper based product and can be disposed of at regular dumps, or incinerated in standard ovens as it does not produce harmful off-gases. Polyester laminate wrapped on NAUF MDF passes all E1 emission tests, which tests for harmful off-gasses and added formaldehyde. If specified, the polyester laminate can be custom applied to NAUF MDF for LEED credits. Since vinyl is plastic (PVC) which produces harmful off-gases (chlorine, etc), incineration would not be an appropriate disposal method. Polyester laminate uses far less trees to produce mouldings of similar size and thus, polyester laminate is GREENER than vinyl and solid wood products.


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