Raised Panel Wainscoting

Reintroducing Forgotten Secrets of Classic Design

You can buy raised panel wainscoting kits from a handful of different suppliers, but no one else offers the one crucial feature you get with Elite: Customizability. To see why this is so important, you need to understand the forgotten secret behind the world's greatest wainscot installations.

Wainscoting looks best when each panel on a wall is the same width. This seems simple enough, but there's a hitch. Every wall in the world is also a different length. That's why other wainscoting manufacturers force you to use standard-width panels to cover most of the wall, with partial panels cut to finish up at each end. Not us. We take aesthetics far too seriously for that kind of short-cut.

Our raised panels come with ready-milled beveled edges on all four sides, though we hope you saw one edge off each panel. That's how you get the all-important equal panel width right across a wall. You'll need to re-establish the beveled edge, of course, and this is where our customizable design comes in.

All Elite raised panels are milled in our shop using a standard Freud router bit -- the very same bit you need to recreate panel profiles after custom trimming. Buy the bit from us or any Big Box Store, It's up to you. This open-book design feature reduces skill and tool requirements to the point where any carpenter or handy homeowner can install the kind of custom wainscoting that only specialists used to be able to produce. Each of our raised panel kits include everything you need to cover an 8-foot wall: stiles, top rail, bottom rail, plus the pre-milled raised panels. We offer kits in paint-grade or in several species of stain-grade wood.

raised_panel_wianscoting_installation_ti raised_panel_height_37inches.jpg

Why is raised panel wainscot the oldest and most respected of all wainscoting options? It's just plain gorgeous. Who can resist the eye-catching shadow lines created as light washes across the profile of delicately beveled panels? And with our Elite Raised Panel kits, you get all this plus the chance to customize panel width perfectly for your room. If you've got your heart set on authentic raised panel wainscoting, why settle for anything less?

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  • Wainscot Base Extension

    The Standard height for our Raised, Flat or Beaded Panel wainscoting is 37 1/2". For a 42" high application, a 5/8" thick spacer and baseboard is used to extend the height to 42". Although any baseboard or spacer will do, as a convenience, we offer this package of a 5/8" thick x 2" wide x 8ft raw MDF spacer and a 8 ft length of BB5-8 baseboard in primed MDF as shown.

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    • CAD$20.88
  • Freud 2 + 2 Router Bit

    The key behind making a "truly customized raised panel wainscoting kit" with a 1/2" collet. The tools can be found any where in North America. If you or your carpenter don't already have one in your tool box, you may order from us.

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    • CAD$211.20
  • Elite RAISED Panel Wainscoting STAIR Kit

    Elite RAISED Panel Wainscoting STAIR Kit, 8ft long, in MDF.

    The kit consists of everything you need to cover 8 linear feet of wall. What makes this system truly customizable is the fact that the panels and stiles are over-size to fit any staircase. It is next to impossible to accurately measure the slope, width and height and then have the panels cut accurately by others.  Cutting the stiles and panels on site eliminates the risk of errors and delays.

    You will need the Freud 99-519 Router Bit to shape the panels on site.

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    • CAD$229.12
  • Elite RAISED Panel Wainscoting Kit

    Elite RAISED Panel Wainscoting Kit, 37" high x 8ft long, in Paint Grade, which is a good height for rooms with 8ft or 9ft ceilings. The kit contains everything you need to cover 8 linear feet of wall. See the Description Tab below for full product description, and the Specification Tab below for any Shipping Specials.

    This kit is suitable for an overall wainscot height of between 37" and 42". Over 37" high can be accomplished with the Wainscot Base Extension Kit. We also offer a Stair Kit to make wainscoting your home easier than ever.

    You will need the Freud 99-519 Router Bit to shape the on-site panels.

    How To Install.

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    • CAD$249.60
  • Raised Paneled Full Wall Kit 8ft in Paint Grade

    Full Accent Walls Unlimited Possibilities

    Accent Walls are an extension of a Wainscoting installation and they really make a bold statement in a room. They can go all the way up to the ceiling or just 3/4 of the way up, it all depends on the look you want. Many people install them on one wall in a room, however, some install them in the entire room. Whichever one you choose, Elite Trimworks has the answer for your Wainscoting and Accent Wall needs.

    An Accent wall can be created with any one of our different wainscoting kits, with any panel sizing or spacing. There are endless ways to mix and match different trims with the varying wainscot systems you can use to create accent walls. Contact us if you need help designing your room.

    Elite Raised Panel Wainscoting, Full Height Accent Wall Kits are available in either the 8 or 5 foot kits.

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    • CAD$883.35