Applied Mouldings

Trims for Applique Wainscoting
Also referred to as Applied Mouldings

appliqu_wall.jpg The Applique is a decorative Wall Treatment that is easily achieved by trimming the wall at about the halfway mark using a Large Chair Rail and creating shapes using a smaller chair rail or panel moulding below it. This is not to say that the applique is limited to the lower wall, far from it, many homes have them all over the walls and even the ceilings and doors. The most common Applique shape is the rectangle. The perfect Applique occurs when all four sides are the same distance apart from the Chair Rail, Baseboard and the next applique or wall. With different-sized walls in a room, you will have to get creative with the shape of each individual applique. Ideally, you would like all of them to be approximately the same size, but in reality, it is nearly impossible. You can achieve a perfect installation using different combinations of widths and shapes.

Applique material comes in strips that can easily be cut down and customized to suit different applications. Many Big Box stores sell pre-made appliques that are not useable because of the limited customizing that is allowed due to the sizes and shapes available. With a little patience and time, you can achieve a professional installation without having to worry about paying too high a cost in terms of material or labour.

As you can see in the accompanying picture most of the appliques in the room are about the same size and the one going under the window is narrow and long. These long narrow appliques are what add interest to the room and draw the eye towards the window. The materials required to install appliques are quite inexpensive however much more thought has to be put into it before you begin the installation in terms of the layout, shapes and sizes. The finishing also takes some time and patience.

There are many different ways to finish an applique installation. Many people opt for the traditional white applique on whatever solid wall colour they may like while others use many different colours both in and outside the applique. You can also use wallpaper inside the squares and paint the outsides, the possibilities are endless and only limited by your imagination.

Applique Wainscoting Layout and Calculations Basics of Installing Applique Panels for Wainscoting


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