Interior Doors

Interior Doors

Interior doors can serve two functions. They can be a simple barrier between rooms and they can add an aesthetic appeal that ties the style of the room together. Therefore, choosing the right door can be an important factor in any renovations. Luckily, there are many different styles to choose from!


Whether you’re looking for doors that pull open or slide open, there are options available. Doors can range from such styles as contemporary, rustic and craftsman. These designs include French, Shaker, Louver or even custom carved doors. There are also options about staining or painting the doors in order to ensure that it matches the rest of the room colour wise.


There is also the option of choosing between having a hollow or solid door, depending on the amount of sound you wish to reduce by it. Solid doors are the best choice when used in high traffic areas such as a bedroom, living room or a bathroom. Hollow doors are best for storage rooms or closets.


Since there are a variety of options to look at, it is safe to say that whatever you style, you can find a door that suits you.


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