PVC or Polyurethane Pilasters that are designed to cater to your project's specific needs

Our unwavering commitment to delivering top-notch products ensures that you'll be delighted with the quality of our offerings.

Crafted from durable PVC or high-density polyurethane, our exterior pilasters are lightweight and long-lasting, simplifying the installation and maintenance processes. The versatility extends to interior applications as well!

PVC Pilasters boast easy installation, lightweight build, strength, and paintability. Resistant to warping, decay, and insects, they eliminate the need for constant repainting. Utilizing the same PVC as commonly found in outdoor decking and trim, these pilasters are a reliable choice.

Pair your PVC Pilasters seamlessly with any of our PVC Column Wraps. We provide comprehensive installation packages, including capitals, base trims, glue, tape, hardware, and instructions—everything you need for a hassle-free setup. Just gather your tools and some shimming material.

Standard Flute Data Sheet            Custom Flute Length Form

Pilasters framing a red door

Transforming any of our columns into a pilaster is a straightforward process. Contact us for pricing. 

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