Round Wood Columns

Round, Wood, Columns
Either Smooth or Fluted

In the years gone by, round columns were expensive and difficult to make using traditional methods. Today, using modern manufacturing techniques and materials, Elite Round Paint Grade Columns come in a variety of heights and diameters to fit any decor in your home. They also come in both Smooth or Fluted designs which allow you to choose between a simple and modern or ornate column. These architectural columns come in sizes varying from 6" to 10" wide and up to 10 ft high.

Our Paint Grade Columns are made of Finger Jointed Pine which consists of smaller pieces of pine that are held together using an industrial strength epoxy. One feature that you will be impressed by is the smooth finish of the columns. They are manufactured using extremely sharp knives and sanded  thoroughly before they leave the manufacturing facility. These columns can be used as a decorative accent in a home or as a Structural Support; however, they lose their load bearing capabilities once they are vertically cut in order to wrap around a Round Steel Support Post.


The Paint Grade Columns come in three separate parts, the base, column shaft and capital. These three components make up the overall height of the column. When ordering a column, please make sure you order the next full size up from your measured opening (why?). The columns are very easy to cut to size using a hand or chop saw. Always remember to account for the cap and base adding height to the column before cutting to size.

These columns are un-primed and require a coat of primer and paint after installation. Shipping times vary depending on the size and type of columns; please contact us or see our Shipping Specials . Wood columns are best suited for interior installations, for outdoor installations please refer to our Exterior PVC Column Wraps.  Note: All Column shafts can easily be cut down to size on site.


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  • Cut to size fee

    Need a column cut to a specified height prior to shipping? For those who prefer to have the columns cut to size, accuracy is guaranteed to the nearest 1/8”, and Custom Cut columns are non-refundable. 

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    • US$26.00
  • Round, Wood Base & Capital Set

    A stand alone set of an interior, round, wood (MDF paint-grade) caps and bases for our round wood tapered or non-tapered columns. Available for either 6, 8 or 10" round sized as shown on drawing. Not recommended for outdoor use.

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    • US$30.16
  • 8" Tapered Round Wood Column

    8” Tapered Round Wood Column. The shaft is 7 ¼” in diameter made from paint grade, FJ pine.  The raw MDF cap and base have a footprint of 10" square.  We include the base and capital that are about 2 ½" thick (5" in total) and the column shaft sits in between.  This Column is not recommended for exterior applications. As an option, this column may be split, and / or fluted.

    Due to Covid-related supply chain issues our Round FJ Pine Columns will be temporarily unavailable until further notice. We are working diligently with our supplies to offer this product in the upcoming future, but due to industry shortages, this product will be on a hiatus for the time being. We thank you in advance for your understanding and greatly appreciate your patience while we work through these unprecedented times.

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    • US$158.80