Shiplap Wainscoting

New for 2024 - Shiplap Wainscoting Kits

Want to add an air of refinement and history to your home? All it takes is one weekend. Here at Elite Trimworks, we make it quick and easy to add traditional elegance to houses everywhere. Choose from any of our packaged, pre-cut kits that contain everything you need, individual Beadboard Planks or custom-made Sheets. Our beadboard wainscoting kits let you turn back the clock in the best possible sense of the phrase. Beadboard is a traditional architectural feature that includes delicate, vertical grooves -- "beads" -- milled into the wood. Either way, beads are key. They conceal joints and any slight mismatch between neighbouring panels. They also provide just enough visual interest to attract the eye.

The Elite Beadboard Kit is our most formal beadboard wainscot kit. The paint-grade MDF system uses 16-inch-wide interlocking planks that are visually divided by a bead running down the center. The horizontal bottom and top rails are also notched to fit over the ends of the beadboard planks, making it easy to achieve tight joints and professional results. One design feature that gives the Beadboard its appeal is the generous bottom rail. It's a full 7 inches tall. That's wide enough to let it stand out proudly, even in the largest rooms. Like all our wainscot kits, each kit covers 8 running feet of wall. Just don't be fooled by the formal good looks. The Shiplap beadboard is easy to install, too -- ideal for any do-it-yourselfer.

The Elite Shiplap Wide Plank Kit is our latest beadboard wainscoting kit that has the Modern Farmhouse look that is very popular with designers today.  The kit uses the same Cap and Rails as the Beadboard Kit.  The only difference is that instead of Beaded planks, we use 16-inch-wide interlocking ship-lapped panels divided visually by a "V" groove.  The V-Groove looks more like boards or hardwood flooring due to the bevel that runs along the side edges of the planks.  They come with everything you need in various heights.

Vinyl Beadboard Kits are made with planks like our Bayside beadboard kits, except they are made from vinyl PVC. Vinyl Kits have many advantages like being waterproof, scratch-resistant, and not requiring painting. They can be painted, or you can order them in different colours.  You will have no difficulty choosing between the beaded or V-Groove look here as the Vinyl planks are reversible: beaded on one side and V-Grooved on the other. These kits are very popular for bathrooms where moisture issues may arise.


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We're standing by, ready to help you choose the right product, determine how much material you need, and coordinate delivery of your order. We always keep them in stock, so delivery is fast; you'll get your order a few days later.  Just think what your home could look like this time next week.

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